HPSSC JOA IT – Introduction to Computer

Sstudyhub has started a series of the article where we will discuss how you can prepare for HPSSC JOA IT Exam. We will discuss each and every topic and after every topic, you can attempt the quiz which will help in analyzing your performance. Today, we will start from the basic topic which is Introduction … Read more

TOP 20 MCQs of Operating System for Competitive exams

In this post, we will discuss the top 20 most asked MCQs of operating system. If you are preparing for govt jobs then this topic is very important. You can also read our post on Top 20 MCQs of fundamentals of computers. 1.) FAT stands for? File Access Tape File Accommodation Table File Allocation Table … Read more

Alphanumeric Series -How to solve these questions easily?

Alphanumeric Series Alphanumeric series is a combination of alphabets, numbers, and symbols. It is a sequence that consists of both numbers and alphabets. This topic is very important because you can expect 3-5 questions from this topic. We will give proper attention to this topic and will solve easy, moderate, and difficult category questions. Some … Read more

Quantitative Aptitude – Understand Number System easily?

This chapter of Number System, simplification, and approximation is the most important chapter in whole Quantitative aptitude. This chapter forms the basis of many other topics in Quantitative math. You are advised to go through this chapter with the utmost care. Number System in Quantitative Aptitude Let us begin Number System by understanding various types … Read more