Top 6 Computer science jobs in the world

Computer science is highly recommended all over the world. If you have sound knowledge of fields associated with it, then definitely you can get a great salary. In this post, we will discuss the top 10 computer science jobs in which you can get a huge salary.

Computer science jobs

Software Developers

You can get an attractive salary in this field..They are responsible for the development , testing and maintenance of the software product. They develop applications which allow people to perform specific tasks on computers or some other devices.

Software developer Computer science jobs

Key Responsibilities:

  • Write clean and scalable code.
  • Maintain and upgrade existing systems
  • Test and evaluate new software’s
  • Modify software’s to fix errors
  • Design , implement and manage software’s

These are some of the responsibilities that you can be assigned with. It can change from company to company. 

There are many job opportunities  in this field in which you can get yourself trained and get attractive salaries.According to sources, the USA is paying the highest salary to software developers($80000-120000 USD) annually.

Database Administrators

If you know how to store and manage the company’s data then this job is perfect for you..You have to make sure that data is available to users and kept secured from unauthorized access.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Manage Database access
  • You should Install,manage and upgrade database applications
  • Diagnose and troubleshoot error related to the database
  • Always set and maintain those database standards
  • Capacity Planning
  • You need to create database backup and recovery

These are some of the responsibilities that you have to manage. 

Network Engineer

In this job, you have to set up , develop and maintain computer networks within an organisation or between organisations.You have to provide support to users , customers and provide troubleshooting if any problem arises.You may work internally within an organisation or provide external support to organisation.You can earn a lot of salary in this profile and can grow step by step in this field.

Key Responsibilities

  • You may need to speak to customer by email or phone to capture initial requirements
  • You have to maintain documentation regarding network configuration
  • Better understanding of storage networks
  • Perform server and security audits
  • Manage network security solutions
  • Ensure better network connectivity to server , workstation etc

Mobile Application Developer

This is the trending technology and most widely used all around the world. Everyone needs a mobile app for their business. You should develop apps for all available platforms. Most commonly android and iphone apps are used in the market.You should have good knowledge of coding and good knowledge of UX and UI.

Key Responsibilities

  • You should always need to identify and plan for new features which can be added to the mobile application.
  • Write unit tests to identify malfunction.
  • You need to contact the customer to understand what customer needs and what issues they are facing.
  • Should remain up to date with the technology and Should improve coding practices too.
  • You have to troubleshoot and debug which can optimize the performance.
  • Asked to produce a fully working mobile application with a clean code.
  • You need to provide full support to the entire application lifecycle(You need to provide support even after release )
  • You must need to have a problem solving skill set.

Quality Assurance Analyst

As the name speaks , you need to take care of the quality of the software application. Now most people ask why we need a QA analyst. The QA team will find out the bugs which are present in the software application and the QA analyst will detect those errors and try to fix them. You need to provide support in planning , designing and in the execution of software testing.Its is the main responsibility of QA that the bug should not reach the production phase.

Key Responsibilities

  • Prepare test cases, test plan and test reports
  • Need to get actively in Quality Management System Review meetings
  • Research the current  market for similar products and you can compare them with the competitors.
  • Resolve product issues and track the process.
  • Technical Support
  • Application Architect
  • Information System Security Manager

Technical Support

In this job , you need to provide technical support to customers.You will need to diagnose the customer problems and provide them required solution. This job requires sound technical knowledge.You may be asked to resolve the query through call or by visiting the physical location.

Technical support Computer science jobs

Key Responsibilities

  • Identify and provide a solution to software and hardware issues.
  • Provide the best available solution within the time limits.
  • Ensure to log all issues properly
  • Need to prepare accurate reports timely
  • Manage multiple issues at a time and prioritize them
  • Troubleshoot technical issues.

These are the top most 6 trending computer science jobs through which you can enhance your career and earn attractive salaries.

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