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digital marketing intern

Today in this article we will learn about digital marketing and from where you can opt for the digital marketing intern. We will also discuss how much average salary you can get in this profile. We will also list salary according to the top 6-7 counties. So let’s first understand what is digital marketing and its types.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing focuses on internet and digital technologies like desktops, personal computers, tablets, smartphones, etc to promote the products and services. Before digital marketing, marketing was done through banners, pamphlets, etc.

A person has to spend a lot of money and this wasn’t so effective. At present, the whole world is connected through the internet and mobile phones. So new technology is introduced which focused on digital marketing on a larger scale and in an efficient manner. The business growth rose at a very impressive rate.

At present, if you are running a business and want to promote then digital marketing is the best solution. With this technique, you can grow your business and get impressive results. It involves email marketing, social media marketing, content marketing. Digital marketing also focuses on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram.


Digital Marketing Types

There are so many categories. We are listing some of the frequently used categories here.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Native Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Pay Per Click(PPC)
  • Sponsored content

digital marketing intern job description

During the digital marketing internship, you will gain practical knowledge of digital marketing and there is always a scope to learn new things from your seniors. If you join as an intern in the company, you may be assigned with the below given.

  • You have to collect qualitative data from marketing campaigns.
  • As a digital marketing intern, you have to perform market research.
  • You need to support the marketing team in daily tasks.
  • Create social media posts, social media content
  • Create and manage link building strategies and content marketing strategies.
  • Provide attention to digital marketing campaigns 
  • Manage email, social media campaigns.
  • You need to research new online media opportunities that can benefit the business.
  • Communicate regularly with the clients, affiliate networks, and Partners.
  • Approach the target audience using social media platforms
  • You will be asked to monitor the ongoing company presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Track the website traffic and provide internal reports regularly.
  • Analyze analytics to gauge the success of campaigns
  • Manage all digital platforms and you will need to provide the analysis.

Companies for a digital marketing internship

ThoroStatUnited States
Dell TechnologiesUnited States
Gadgets Geek IndiaIndia
WorkPadUnited Kingdom
Kape InternshipsUnited Kingdom
Procter & GambleCanada
GAO Tek Inc.Canada
Digital SquadAustralia
AI AustraliaAustralia
Companies for internship in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing Techniques

How much salary we can get in this profile

This is the trending technology and is growing day by day. At present, the marketing is revolving around digital platforms and social media platforms. So as time passes, you may see more opportunities in this field. After the internship, you may get hired by the same companies or you may apply by yourself. In this post, we will discuss the average salary according to different countries. This is the average salary. According to yo tour knowledge and potential, you may get more than this too.

United States45000-48000 USD
United Kingdom30000-33000GBP
Australia80000-83000 AUD
Singapore40000-45000 SGD
India320000-410000 INR
Canada48000-52000 CAD
Average salary according to different countries

Benefits of digital marketing internship

There are a number of benefits by joining this internship program. If you want to learn and gain practical knowledge, I would suggest you join companies for internships. You may get knowledge in training institutes too, But for deep practical knowledge you should go for an internship and you will also get some stipend in the starting. They may also offer you a job on the completion of your internship.

  • By joining the internship program, you will get practical knowledge and experience in the marketing Industry.
  • It will also help you in expanding your professional network.
  • You will see a lot of improvement in your communication skills because this job requires a lot of interaction with the customer. So as a result of this you will see a lot of improvement in your communication skills,
  • You will get self-confidence in your career and can analyze where you stand. By joining the internship, you will also get advice from experts.
  • When you are in college then there is no timing-related issue. You after joining the internship, you will learn to be on time.
  • By joining the digital marketing internship, you will get knowledge about different technologies and decide on which technology you can build your career.
  • You will also get some compensation paid during the internship. The compensation varies from company to company. This will help you in managing your daily expenses.
  • After completion of your internship, you will also get a letter of recommendation from the company which will help you in getting the job.

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