What are the links and how they can help SEO?

Link is the relation between two pages. It connects web pages to one another. When you click on that link then it takes you to another webpage. These links can be in the form of text, videos, images.

Links for websites and their types

if we talk about a website then there can be two type of links:

Internal Links:

Now let’s understand what is the internal link. These are the links which redirect the users to the same domain. It means if you are visiting abc.com and clicks on the internal link then it will redirect you to the other webpage of the same website abc.com. Now you may have questions in mind.

  • What is the benefit of these internal link?
  • How we can use these Internal link?
  • Will they help us?
  • How many internal links we can use?
  • Best way to use these links? and so on…

Internal link helps the user to stay for a longer time on our website. For this, we have to use an internal link with suitable anchor texts. If you use the internal link with suitable anchor text then there are chances that user will click on these links and as a result of this, the user will visit other pages too. This will help in increasing the website authority and as a result of this, the ranking will also be improved.

External Links:

These are more important for your website and theses can help your site is growing. These are the links which redirect the users to other domains from your website. With the help of these links, you can refer the user to other websites for further reading of a term. For example: If you have written about black box testing and there is a website who has explained this concept really well then you can give that link on the black box testing keyword.

Now let’s talk about the links which can be availed through many websites.

If you get a link from another website then it is known as backlink and these backlinks are further divided into many types. These backlinks are really important for the ranking and these can help you in increasing Domain Authority and Page Authority.

These backlinks are also known as Inbound links. These are the links through which other websites sends their readers to our website.

Types of backlinks

  • Natural BackLinks
  • Manual BackLinks
  • Self Created

Natural Backlinks

If you write great content and another website founds your content useful then they may want to use your content or wants to redirect their users to your sites, then these backlinks are known as Natural Backlinks. These backlinks can be really helpful for your SEO as they can help your website grow very fast.

Manual Backlinks

Manual backlinks are those backlinks which can be obtained from other websites by reaching them. You ask them for backlinks and these backlinks can be free or paid.

The backlinks can be dofollow or nofollow.

DOFollow Backlinks: These are the backlinks which are indexed by google. It tells search engines that the link is important and it should be indexed. These backlinks are the most important backlinks.

Nofollow Backlinks: These are the backlinks which are ignored by the search engines. These backlinks are also important as they can also improve our SEO score.

The manual backlinks should be matched with your content. If they are not matching with your content then this can also be marked as spam.

Self Created Backlinks

These links are not widely used these days as sometimes they are falls in the black hat category. The black hat practices are banned by google which can even result in penalisation. So we need to be very careful with these types of backlinks.

These backlinks can be obtained from:

  • Blog Comments
  • Press Release
  • Guest posts
  • Guestbooks
  • Article Directories etc

You need to be very careful about this. That’s why we recommend you to make backlinks organically. You can even reach the website owners and if they have matching content then you can ask for a backlink.

In the next topic, we will discuss what are is Social Media Marketing. If you have any doubts related to this topic, do let us know in comments.

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