New National Education Policy – Merits and Demerits

In this post, we will discuss the Merits and Demerits of New National Education Policy 2020. If you want to know about the New National Educational policy then please click on this link NEP2020.

In this post, we will discuss advantages and disadvantages of new education policy 2020 and some FAQ regarding this policy.

Merits of New National Education Policy:

In this article, we will discuss the merits of the new education policy which has been implemented by the ministry of education in 2020. This new approach is going to benefit the students in a positive manner. This will also help the students to gain knowledge from very early age of their education.
  • The new education structure will include 12 years of schooling and three years of Anganwadi and pre-schooling.
  • Now the mother tongue or local language is to be the medium of teaching in all schools upto class 5.
  • All schools and colleges will have same subjects and same syllabus across whole country.
  • Now students can join internships from class 6th.
  • The Sanskrit language will be mainstreamed in this new national education policy.
  • Vocational subjects will be taught from class 6th onward.
  • Now we will have the flexibility of choice and this was the main thing people were waiting in the education system. This was the main point that was so famous abroad.
  • Students will be able to learn coding from class 6th and this will prepare students for the innovations. The internship will be given to students and this will help students to get practical knowledge.
  • National Testing Agency (NTA) will conduct a common entrance examination. With this exam, students can get admission to universities across the country.
  • A multiple exit system is a very good and interesting idea. This will help students to find their interested courses. If you don’t find yourself better in engineering then you can also opt for other courses after completing the first year and you will get certificate for 1st year study.
  • Top 100 foreign universities to be allowed to establish their branches in India.
  • In this NEP, M.Phil programme to be scrapped and the guidelines will be released by govt. of India soon.
  • Now, teachers to be prepared for assessment reforms by 2023. This will help in improving quality of teachers.
  • New National Education policy will promote value-based education.
New Education Policy

Demerits of nep 2020:

In this article, we will discuss the demerits of nep. There are a number of benefits of this new education policy but it has some demerits too.

  • Now, Teaching will be done in local languages till class 5. It is quite a good decision to promote the local language but declaring it as a medium of teaching doesn’t seem to be a good idea.
  • If a student is from Madhya Pradesh and now he moved to Punjab and joins a school there then teaching will be done in the local language. This will impact that student clearly.
  • According to this NEP, future teachers need to have a B.Ed degree which will come after 4 years of study. What about govt. teachers who don’t know anything but getting huge salaries. This policy needs to mention something regarding this too.
  • Multiple exit option can also be misused, so the government should keep an eye on this.
  • Implementation of this policy is not easy and it will take some time for fully implementation of this policy.
  • There is nothing mentioned about improvement of govt. schools to bring them up on par with private schools.
  • Making the universities multidisciplinary is a good idea but you can’t force them to be excellent at all courses. For example IITs for engineering, DU college for arts.
  • Only New batches will be benefited with this approach. Class 9th will be the first class from session 2021-22.
The New National Education Policy is offering a very good policy for students. This will also encourage students to study in India as compared to study in abroad. Let’s see how govt. apply this policy and how much time it takes for full implementation.

If you want to know more about New education policy then you can visit the official site by clicking on this link.

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These are some FAQ asked by many students regarding nep 2020 merits and demerits. Hope this will clear your doubts.

How many Education policies are there in India?

Three education policies has been implemented by govt. of India and it has brought major changes in the education system of India.

What is the New Education policy of India?

New education policy is introduced by Modi’s government in July 2020 and it has some great changes which will make our education system like other countries. if you want to know more then click on this link.

Why Indian Education System is not good?

In our education system, we give priority to marks and no one cared about knowledge. Cramming is the biggest drawback of our education system.

Which Education System is best in the world?

According to Reports , USA is having the best education System among all countries.

Will this education policy applicable on students who are in 2nd year of degree.

No , this policy will not applicable for you guys. Firstly this will be implemented for class 9th students for session 2021-22.

Is this applicable for 10+2 pass students?

This policy may be applicable for those students who are in 10+2 in present year.They may get the benefits from 2021-22.

State And CBSE will have same syllabus now.

Now all states and boards will follow same syllabus . So it is expected that state and CBSE will have same syllabus from 2021-22.

From which class New NEP will be applicable.

1st batch of New NEP will be applicable from class 9th from session 2021-22. Although it will also be applicable for new child who will start study from next year .

How much time it will take for fully implementaion?

By 2030-40, it is expected that our new NEP will be fully functional.

Which student will get benefit of New NEP?

If you are in 8th standard then you will get the benefit from next year.
If you are in 9th,10th,11th or 12th then you may get the benefit from college.