Power System and structure – Explain in detail

Power System and structure

In this post we will discuss about power system and structure in detail.

Power System

Electrical power system is network of electrical component to develop the power supply for consumer. It uses the form of conversional and Non conversional source of energy and convert into electrical energy.    

 This is divided into three parts:-

  • Generating system
  • Transmission system
  • Distribution system
  • Generating system:-   It is used to generate the power supply through the generator’s.
  • Transmission system:- The transmission system carries the power from the generating centers to the load centre.
  • Distribution system:- Distribution system that feeds the power to nearby home and industries. Smaller power system are also found in industry, hospital, commercial building and homes.



Smart grid power system

Generation Power System :-

It is very well know that the electrical energy is generated by a generator. The mechanical equipment which driving the generator is known as Prime-mover.

These source of energy may be classified as follows:

  • Primary source like Sun, wind, and tide.
  • Secondary source like Coal, fuel oil, fuel gases, water and atomic fusion
  • Primary source are not used in India because sun and wind will be useful only at such places where the weather remains clear.
  • Secondary source with these sources the power situation can be divided into six type:
  1. Diesel power stations
  2. Steam power stations
  3. Coal power stations
  4. Rice straw fired thermal power stations.
  5. Hydro-electric power stations
  6. Nuclear power stations

Transmission power system:-

transmission power system

Electric Power transmission is the bulk movement of electrical energy from a generating site, such as a power generating site, a power plant to an electrical substation. The interconnected lines which facilitate this movement are known as a transmission network. In other words transmission means wiring carrying of bulk supply i.e electrical energy distance at high voltage.

The two type of transmission system used in electrical.

  1. Ac Transmission
  2. Dc Transmission

Ac Transmission:-

Ac Transmission system is that system in which alternating current is used to transmit from one place to another by using overhead lines and underground cables.

Dc Transmission:-

Dc Transmission system is that system in which Dc current is used to transmit from one place to another by using overhead lines and underground cables.

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