STLC Life Cycle and Its different Phases

What is STLC?

IT stands for the software test life cycle. This STLC test cycle is a sequence of activities that are conducted during the testing process and ensures that our software quality goals are achieved. The STLC life cycle is an important phase of software testing.

STLC life cycle is a type of SDLC. Software test life cycle model identifies what testing activies needed to perform and when to accomplish these test activities. We perform these activities to improve the quality of software product.

In this post, we will discuss different stlc phases and some interview questions.

Software Testing Life Cycle Phases

These are the different phases included in stlc life cycle.

STLC phases

Requirement Analysis

In this phase of the testing life cycle, the QA team understands the requirements first. They will identify whether the requirements are testable or not.

Quality Analyst also checks that the requirements are functional or non-functional and this is the very first step whenever you are building any software product.

Test Planning STLC Phase

In this stlc phase, The testing team lead will prepare the test plan. It is the first step in the testing process. We will also determine effort and cost estimates for the entire project.

We will also select the test tool in this phase and activities like resource planning, responsibilities, training requirements are carried out in this phase.

Test case development

After test planning, the team starts developing the test cases. The team prepares the test cases and test data then these test cases are reviewed by the team lead.

We will also prepare the requirement traceability matrix (RTM). In this phase, the test cases should be simple, ensure 100% coverage and these test cases must be created with keeping end-user in mind. We will also create test scripts in this phase for automation testing.

Environment Setup

In this life cycle phase, we will install software, hardware which is required for testing the application. In this phase, we will also decide on which conditions the software needed to be tested.

Sometimes the test development team provides the test environment, so the test team may not be available. We also need to perform smoke testing on the build. This process is started in parallel with the test case development phase.

STLC phases life cycle

Test Execution

The test team starts executing the test cases and then the test case result (Pass/Fail) needed to be updated in the test cases. If you find any defect in this phase then a report must be prepared.

The report then must be reported to the development team through the bug tracking tool. The development team needs to fix these bugs. Once the bugs have been fixed, Retesting will be performed.

Test Cycle Closures

This is the last phase of the software testing life cycle. In this phase, we will prepare the test closure and test metric. This phase includes test completion reports, test results, etc.

There will be a meeting with the testing team and we will discuss test coverage, quality, defect reports, etc. We will try to identify which strategies to be implemented in the future to remove bottlenecks in the upcoming projects.

In the end, A test metric and closure report will be prepared on the basis of above criteria.

These are the different phases which are included in the software testing life cycle phases. Now we will discuss some important interview questions on the basis of this topic.

Interview Questions regarding STLC life cycle

  • What is STLC?
  • How many phases are there in software testing life cycle?
  • What is done in environmental setup?
  • In which of software testing life cycle phase, we selects the testing tool.
  • What is the phase in which Retesting takes place?
  • List out the last phase of software testing life cycle.
  • In which software testing phase, defects report is created.

In next article, we will discuss about how to write test cases.