Top 10 TCS interview questions for Software Testing

Before discussing the top 10 TCS interview questions, let us first discuss the selection procedure of Tata Consultancy Services(TCS). This company is one of India’s leading IT services and consulting organizations having over 4.17 lakh employees. TCS is founded in 1968. Its headquarter is in Mumbai. You can click here to visit the official site of TCS and beware of fake notifications regarding TCS interviews.

The tcs Interview process consists of four rounds:-

  • Written Exam(Aptitude examination)
  • Technical Interview(Software Testing Questions)
  • Manager Interview
  • HR Interview
Software testing interview questions for TCS

TCS interview questions for freshers

We will discuss the top 10 TCS interview questions which can be asked during your interview. Please read these questions carefully.

What is Regression Testing?

Regression Testing is the repeated testing of an already tested program. Performed to confirm that the recent change in the code doesn’t impact the existing functionality of software applications.

In this type of testing, we re-execute the previously executed test cases to verify the impact of the change. Whenever we make changes into the code then we need to perform this type of testing and can be performed manually or through automated tools.

Explain load testing and stress testing.

Load Testing:- It is a type of non-functional testing. In this testing, we check the load an application can take. For example, We will check how a site will perform if it receives multiple requests at the same time. This testing is very important to perform because sometimes if we don’t perform this testing and release the software then it can be possible that a sudden rise in the number of users accessing the application at the same time can crash the application. This can be a big loss for the business.

Stress Testing:- It is also a type of non-functional testing. In this type of testing, we will check how an application performs under unfavorable conditions. We will verify the stability and reliability of the software application and check the system within its capacity first and analyze how it performs then we will increase the load gradually. We will find the breakdown point on which the software application stops working or crashes.

Now you may have a question in your mind that why do we need to perform this type of testing.

For example, You have an online shopping site and during summer sale days, your site offers attractive online discounts. So, during these days, you may see a high spike in terms of users on your site and if they go beyond the capacity of your site, the site may be down. So it is better to perform stress testing.

What is GUI Testing?(Important tcs interview question)

It is a type of testing that checks the graphical user interface of the application. In this type of testing, we will check the application components like buttons, icons, checkboxes, menu, etc. This testing is performed to ensure that the UI functionality works as expected. Now, most of you want to know what we have to check in the GUI testing.

  • We will check all GUI elements for size, width, length, etc.
  • We will also check that are we able to insert values in the input fields.
  • You need to check that the correct error messages are displayed or not. For example, You are entering special characters in the name field which are not allowed then an error message should be displayed like ” enter a valid name”.
  • You can also check that the font size is readable or not.
  • Check that the images are of high quality and are clear.
  • You can also check the images are properly aligned.

There can be other possible cases too. We have listed only some of these cases.

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What is Monkey Testing?

It is a technique in which we will test the software application by providing random inputs and then we will check the behavior of the application. We will check that does the application crashes or gives some error message. There is no specific rule followed in this testing technique as we provide random inputs.

Types of monkey Testing

Dumb Monkey Tests:-
  • They have no knowledge about the system or application.
  • They have no idea whether the provided inputs are valid or invalid.
  • Dumb Monkey is also known as Ignorant Monkeys.
  • They also have no idea about the functionality of the application.
Smart Monkey Tests:-
  • They have good knowledge of the system or application.
  • The application functionality is known.
  • Valid inputs are provided in this.
  • If some error occurred, then they can report that error too.
Brilliant Monkey Tests:-
  • The tests are performed according to the user’s perspective.
  • They have good knowledge about how the users can use the application.
  • They can also specify the probability of bugs that can be occurred.

What is Severity and Priority?(Mostly asked TCS interview question)

Severity:- Severity is an attribute of a defect. It is based on the effect of that bug on the system and it is associated with the functionality. It is categorized into four classes:

  • Low
  • Medium
  • Major
  • Critical

Priority:- It is the order in which the defect should be fixed. The defect which will impact the functionality of the application or the defect which makes our application unusable have higher priority and the defect which causes small functionality of the software to fail have lower priority.

They are categorized into three classes:

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High

What is white box testing?

White box testing is also known as clear box testing. In this type of software testing, we test the internal working of the software application. In White box testing, the internal structure of the software application which is being tested is known to the tester.

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What is the software development life cycle? Explain its various models.

It is a methodology that defines a process for creating high-quality software applications. SDLC is also known as the Software Development Process.

Software Development Life Cycle Models:

  • Waterfall Model
  • Iterative Waterfall
  • Spiral Model
  • Agile Methodology

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What are the differences between test cases and test scenario?

Test CaseTest Scenario
The test cases are low-level actionsThe test scenarios are high-level actions
These can be derived from test scenariosThese can be derived from BRS and SRS
It is a set of actions which is executed to test a particular functionality of the software applicationIn the test scenario, we can check/test any functionality of the software application
We give focus to what to test and how to testwe give more focus to what to test than how to test
More Resources are required Less time and fewer resources are required

What are the advantages of Agile Methodology?

  • The main advantage of the agile methodology is that it saves a lot of time and money.
  • Agile methodology is flexible and it is adaptable to changes at any stage.
  • Customer satisfaction is prioritized in this methodology.
  • It requires very little documentation.

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What is Sanity Testing?(Important TCS interview question)

This is one of the important tcs interview questions which can be asked during your interview.

It is a type of testing which is performed after we receive a software build with minor changes in the software code. It ensures that if there is any bug available then the bug is fixed and no further issues are introduced due to these new changes. Sanity testing verifies only a particular document. It is performed by the testers.

Sanity Testing is a subset of regression testing and it can be done manually or by automated tools. This testing doesn’t focus on the core functionalities of the software application. It verifies that the software application works correctly and it doesn’t affect the functionalities of other modules.

For example, there is a login page on our application and it should accept only alphanumeric values for the username field. The bug is created if it accepts special characters. Now the bug is assigned to the developer’s team by testers. The development team fixes the bug and after fixing the bug passes it to the testing team. The testing team checks that the bug has been fixed or not and it is not affecting the functionalities of other modules.

Other Important TCS interview questions

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