Awesome 7 Techniques to Increase Traffic

So how about we accept that you’re a promising Blogger. You began the Blogging business and keep on setting up a terrifically significant example for yourself.  Afterall, It’s your virtual front of the store which No longer requires the physical area.

But Traffic is still required, Right?

Without traffic, the success to blogging career is off the road. So as to proficiently push website traffic covers things like improving the web crawler, developing a discussion, publicizing via web-based media, and so on.

Another technique is to pay- Google Ads, Bing Ads and other social media paid traffic.

Every other person realizes that supported commercials can expand website traffic, despite the fact that it tends to be expensive to run

In this article, we will discuss the organic ways.

Here are those –

  1. Get the Fast Hosting for Your Blog –

Speed is the main criteria today for the page 1 rankings. Google gives priority to the site where the speed is higher. Faster the speed, better the customer experience.  Get best hosting at affordable price with Hosting Deals. To choose between the best web hosting check out : Bluehost Vs Siteground [Detailed Comparison Of All Parameters]

  • Quora Submissions

Thousands of people asks their queries on Quora. Answer them and people will start knocking the doors of your blog. Also most of the answers get ranked on google search. So there are higher chance of getting google traffic.

  •  Leverage LinkedIn

Companies suggest you to leverage LinkedIn and get connected with like minded bloggers. People will share the articles and this will help you build community.

  •  FaceBook Groups and Pages

Facebook is always a wonder platforms to promote content with social media fans. Nothing works better than this. A content can go viral anytime and just a eureka moment you were looking at.

  • Start Market Surveys

Create polls and surveys. A small give away or a token as a prize will help you engage with public. They will participate and share it. It motivates them to read the content and even share.

  • Browser-Caching and App Conversion.

Use Content-Delivery Networks or CDNs as they are fantastic way to reach global audience. If the speed will be higher, it will offer outstanding experience to visitors and finally please search engines like Google.

Consider players like Cloudflare.

Also there is an option to create the App of the website which user can download and use it later. This again gives you free traffic

  •  Create Webinars

Offer workshops, answer questions, engage with other bloggers and use the technique “Shout for shout”. This helps you optimize the overall budget by leverage free methods. Webinar also helps you build a loyal audience. You can anytime promote the affiliate products as well.


Organic traffic is the best traffic as it costs nothing. But as per team, you need to have patience to generate a list of visitors on you blog.

With patience, focus on creating world class and helpful content to create the interest based community. When you have a repeat visitor base on your blog, you soon start seeing social traffic as well. Reason is that repeat visitors will always share the content as they already like your writing style.

These are some powerful Techniques to Increase Traffic.