How to write test cases for Bike in Software Testing?

In this post, we will discuss how we can write test cases for bike. This is the most common example in today’s world, Everyone is aware of this technology and sometimes interviewer may ask you this question. So it is always better to prepare yourself. You can also read our post on how to write test cases for the mouse.

How to write test cases for bike

UI Test cases for Bike

  • Check that the design of the bike is as per the specifications.
  • Verify that the dimensions of the bike are as per the specifications.
  • The colours used in the bike is according to the specifications mentioned.
  • Check that the weight of the bike is as per the specifications.
  • Check the material used in this bike in the different parts like seat, tires etc.

Positive Test cases of the Bike

  • Check that is there any option of electric start or not. Also, check that does this bike have both manual and electric start or not.
  • Verify that the bike starts smoothly.
  • When you start the bike through the kick, how much force is required for this option?
  • Check that the bike attains the maximum speed as per the specifications or not.
  • Verify that when you are running the bike at high speed, it runs smoothly.
  • Check that both breaks are DISC break or not.
  • Check that both breaks work correctly or not.
  • Verify that the noise made by this bike is not so much and acceptable.
  • Check the number of gears available in this bike.
  • Verify that the user is able to change the gear from higher to lower and lower to higher.
  • Verify that the clutch is working correctly.
  • Try to ride the bike on different surfaces like wet road, cement road etc.
  • Check fuel tank capacity and pick-up of the bike.
  • Check that the fuel tank displays the correct status of the available fuel.
  • Verify that the speedometer displays the correct speed of the bike.
  • Verify that indicators and headlight work correctly.
  • Check that both the mirror are available in this bike.
  • Check that the horn works correctly or not.
  • Verify that the pollution is within the permissible limits or not.

Negative Test Cases of Bike

  • Check bikes performance when we ride this bike at higher speed on first gear only.
  • Check how this bike performs when there is high or less air in the tires.
  • How the bike will stop when you apply both breaks at the same time.
  • Try to fill diesel in the bike and then check does the bike starts or not?

There can be other possible test cases too. If you have any other test cases in your mind, do let us know in comments.