Software Development life cycle, Phases and Models


Software Development life cycle MODELS Iterative Model: We start with some software requirements and start developing. After the first iteration, the software is reviewed, and then further requirements are identified. If some changes need to be done then a new version of that software is created with a new iteration. This process is repeated until … Read more

Software Development Life Cycle, Phases and Methodologies

Software Development Life Cycle Software Development Life Cycle is a well defined, Structured Sequence of stages in software engineering to develop the software product. It is a series of steps through which software is produced. It can be used by system analysts, designers, and developers to plan and implement the application. This helps in on-time delivery of … Read more

Software Testing, Why it is important, and Its Types

Software Testing:- In this topic, we will understand, what is software testing and what are its types. We will also discuss what may happen if we perform improper testing.    It is an activity to check whether the actual result matches the expected result.   We also ensure that the software is defect-free.   Ensures that software should … Read more