Download SQL Server 2016 Express SP2 and Install

Introduction of  SQL Server SQL stands for the structured query language. It is used in the relational database management system and used to create, manage, or update the database. We will discuss this SQL server in detail in the coming articles. In this post, we will learn how to download the SQL server and install … Read more

Data Science Internship – What are the requirements?

Data Science Internship Want to start your career in data science as an intern, we will discuss the requirements and responsibilities of a data science Intern. Let’s first understand what is data science. We will only discuss the basics of data science and in the next topic, we will discuss Data Science in detail. Data … Read more

How lock down affected our Education System?

Education System: In recent years , our education system has improved a lot. They have started smart classes in schools which helped a lot of students. They given more priority to online exams which improved students experience too. There was many drawbacks of the offline exam which is now diminished by this new concept of … Read more

Corona – What is corona virus and How to prevent this?

Corona virus Coronavirus is a type of common virus that causes infection in your nose and upper throat. This virus is known as COVID-19. This virus has been spread all over the world and originated from China. The first case of this virus was updated in Wuhan in December 2019. It was found in a … Read more