free blog – how to create a free blog in simple steps

Hi friends, today we will learn about free blog and how to create them. You can also visit our blog and learn about free blogging.


A blog is an informational website that displays information in a reverse chronological manner. It means the recent post appears on the top of the web page. Here a writer can share their views on different topics. For example, a person can share about his life, his schedule of the day, or can promote his work/business even for small businesses.

You should write meaningful content which can attract your audience and can help you in growing your business. 

Many people got themselves confused between blogs and websites.

  • Blog needs updates regularly. You need to update content twice or thrice in a week.
  • Websites are based on a static page approach , So Many websites don’t update their content frequently.

Now the main question arises how to start a blog for free. What are the free blogging platforms?

So let’s start with different available platforms first.

Blogging Platforms

There are many other platforms available but these three are more oftenly used.

Today in this article we will learn how to make blogs using wordpress. We will share step by step information that will help you in creating a blog.

Step 1

Click on this link or simply open

WordPress site creation page of free blog

Step 2

You need to click on Start your website button. And there you have to enter your site’s name. Please be very focused about this.Your name should be unique and attractive one.

Your site's name of free blog

Step 3

The next step is choosing a domain. You should select an attractive domain. You can select free domain as of now if you wanted to create a free blog otherwise you can select .com/.org etc domain.

Choose domain of free blog

Your free domain will use in the end. So if you want to use your own domain then i will suggest you to purchase domain from

If you still need some more help regarding this then you can mail me on [email protected] and i will provide you with a complete solution to your problem.

Step 4

After selecting a domain, you need to select a template for your blog. In this case I have selected a free domain. After selecting the domain , if you are creating a free wordpress blog then select Free option there. 

If you want to select your own then you can select one from available options. If still you need help then do contact me on my mentioned email id.

Choose template of free blog

After selecting the free plan option from the menu, it will ask you to enter email id and password and create an account. Once you click on create account , your site’s preview will appear and you have to preview this and then click on launch.

Once you are done with all settings , your site will appear like this depending upon the template you have selected.

WordPress site of free blog

By following these four simple steps , you can create a free blog site in wordpress. I will recommend you to buy your own custom domain as it will help you in selecting an attractive domain for your blog.

There are a number of free themes available  that you can select.

You also need hosting for your site if you purchase your own domain. So from Godaddy if you buy basic wordpress hosting then you will get a free domain and ione profession email id for free for one year. I will provide you with the link. By using this link you can buy web hosting.

Please click on this link to buy web hosting.

Writing your first blog post

Once you are done with the settings, we will now learn how to write our first blog post.

Click on write a new blog post then this window will appear.

First blog post

Add Title

This describes the title of your post. The title should match with your article. For example if you are writing about weight gain then your title should be clear. 

The subject of your article should be clearly mentioned in the title of post. So in this case your title can be “like how to gain weight in some simple steps”

Start Writing

This is the body of your article. Here you need to describe your topic in detail. Don’t forget to use heading and subheading. There are some important points that you should implement while writing  an article. 

  • You should use proper headings and subheadings in your article.
  • Proper and relevant images must be used.
  • Paragraphs should not be large and should be easy to read.
  • You should use easy language for your article.
  • There should not be more statements starting with the same words.
  • Proper use of bullets or numbers should be there.
  • There should be use of internal and outbound links in your post.

Other Important Points

  • You should mention a meta description for your article as this helps users in getting basic ideas about your article and it is very important to have a good meta description.
  • You can use categories for grouping your content. If you are writing different categories then you should use different categories for different posts. For example: if you have written eight posts on a computer network and six posts on govt. Jobs then allow you to assign different categories for these two types of posts. 
  • Now you can assign Govt Job category for govt jobs related posts and Computer knowledge category for computer network posts. Now if a user selects computer Knowledge category then only eight posts that match with his interest will be shown.
  • Moreover , you can use tags and featured image for you post too

These days millions of people are working on these blogs so you should be very good with the content you are writing. You should be clear about your niche.If you want to observe your site’s performance then you can use google analytics. With the help of google analytics you can see daily growth of your customers. Who is visiting your blog, their location etc.

If you want to know how to set up then you can mail me or drop this in comments too. I will for sure make the next post on how to easily Install word press. In word press , you can use plugins and widgets to improve your site. You can enhance your business with these blogs and can even earn from this. 

There are different methods through which you can earn from these blogs. It requires some time and hard work. In coming posts we will learn how to make money from these blogs.

If you want to learn about Seo then click here.