Data Science Internship – What are the requirements?

Data Science Internship

Want to start your career in data science as an intern, we will discuss the requirements and responsibilities of a data science Intern. Let’s first understand what is data science. We will only discuss the basics of data science and in the next topic, we will discuss Data Science in detail.

Data Science is the process of using data to find solutions or to predict outcomes. In today’s world data plays a very important role in our life. Everything depends upon data and we require data for each and everything. 

Data Science Ideas

By introducing new technologies, we have stored data in a large number in a very short time period. Data science uses different algorithms that help users to gain extra benefits. I will discuss two very famous examples that you all have experienced in your real life.

Data science relies on artificial intelligence and its sub field machine learning.

Tried to book Uber but suddenly prices went high?

If you have traveled in cabs then you must have experienced that the prices sometimes are very high as compared to other times. Do you know Why and how this happened?

  • There was high demand in that particular area.
  • There was an algorithm applied, whenever we get a request to booking maximum cabs at the same time from the number of users from an area then the algorithm is applied and prices go in surges.

Tried to book a hotel in the morning but now prices have changed in the evening

Sometimes, we try to book hotels for some destination but when we try to search for the same in the evening, the prices went high. This also happens due to the algorithm used. So data science also helps us in growing our business. Increased demand or repetitive searches are the reason for this increase in prices.

Life Cycles of Data Science

This process consists of five stages which are as follows:

  • Capture
  • Maintain
  • Process
  • Communicate
  • Analyze

We will discuss data science in detail in the next topic. In this article, we will discuss the 12 companies from where you can do an internship in Data Science.

Data science Info

What are the requirements for Data science Internship?

  • Btech/Mtech/MS degree in Computer Science
  • Ability to write clean and well-crafted code
  • Ability to deliver tasks on time
  • Provide timely issue resolutions
  • Should have knowledge of python and Linux
  • Create Data Architectures
  • A clear understanding of probability and statics, analytical approach to problem-solving
  • Capability to think critically on a diverse array of problems.
  • Knowledge of Python, C, C++, R, etc.

Responsibilities of Data Science internship

If you are selected for a data science internship, then your responsibilities change according to the company. In this, we will discuss some of the responsibilities that you may be assigned.

Data Science
  • Research data models and develop custom models, algorithms.
  • Use machine learning and analytical techniques to create suitable solutions for problems.
  • You need to contribute to the development/deployment of machine learning algorithms.
  • Work on Python, C, C++.
  • You need to work with the data science team and contribute to the ongoing project.
  • You are required to search for different techniques that can help in achieving the goal of an ongoing project.
  • Extract, clean, and merge data from different sources for further use.
  • Design and Implement ML algorithms and models.
  • You have to work on log analysis and derive the workflow.
  • Create and maintain technical documentation.
  • Need to keep yourself updated in the rapidly changing field of machine learning.

Data Science Salary

This is the most commonly asked question by candidates, how much salary we will get, and what is the average salary according to different countries. Today in this article, we will discuss the average yearly salary a data science engineer will get in the different countries. The average salary is very impressive, so you should join the data science internship program. The numbers can be really helpful to you.

The United States$95000 USD
Canada$82000 CAD
Australia$115000 AUD
Germany60000 EUR
China334300 CNY
Singapore92000 SGD
India720,000 INR
The United Kingdom51000 GBP
Salary according to different countries

10 companies where you can apply for the Data Science Internship

There are so many companies which provide Internship for Data Science. You will get work experience by joining the internship. The data scientist is responsible for all the data related work and you will learn about how machine learning and artificial intelligence are working in this role. You will also learn about Big data which is widely used these days.

The 10 companies from where you can get the data science Internship are as follows:-

IBMHiring for Multiple locations globally
SpotifyNew york
Jump CapitalUSA
Procter & Gamble(P&G)Singapore
IBMBeijing, China
Companies For internship in Data Science

If you have any queries regarding this topic or have any suggestions, do feel to contact us. If you want to know about the Top 6 Computer science jobs then do click here. How netflix uses python is another thing that you should read.