Download SQL Server 2016 Express SP2 and Install

Introduction of  SQL Server

SQL stands for the structured query language. It is used in the relational database management system and used to create, manage, or update the database. We will discuss this SQL server in detail in the coming articles. In this post, we will learn how to download the SQL server and install this on our system.

Minimum Requirements

These are the minimum requirements that we need to have in our system before downloading the SQL server and installing it on our system.

Version: 13.0.5026.0                          

File Name: SQLServer2016-SSEI-Expr.exe

Publishing Date: 16/03/2020               

File Size of the software: 5.6 MB

Supporting Operating System: Windows Server 2016, Windows 10, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows 8, Windows 8.1

RAM Storage:  Minimum 512MB                    Hard Disk Space Required: 4.2 GB of Disk Space

 Tip- SQL Server 2016 Express SP2 is not compatible with Windows 7 or Windows 7 SP1 (Service Pack 1).

Download SQL Server Express 2016 SP2

  • Go to Microsoft website by clicking on the URL. It will open the SQL Server SP2 (Service Pack 2) Express window. Click on the Download button for the .exe file to get the download.


Download sql server

Another Method

  • Go to Microsoft website by clicking on the URL. It will open SQL Server SP2 (Service Pack 2) Express window and the .exe file will get automatically download.


Downloading sql server
  • The  .exe file will get download in the downloads path.
Downloaded Sql setup
  • You can change the location by copying the .exe file in another location.
Run downloaded  sql server setup

Installing SQL Server Express 2016 SP2

  • You have to Right click on the .exe file and then do click on Run as administrator.
Run sql server setup as admin
  • a) It will open SQL Server 2016 SP2 Installation window.  It will show three installation types.
  • Basic– It will install the SQL Server Database engine with the Default configuration.
  • Custom- It includes various custom and detailed options to install SQL Server.
  • Download Media– It will download SQL Server setup files and install them on the machine.

Once you have download SQL server , we will begin with the installation process.

Here, we are installing SQL Server by using Custom Installation type.

  • b) Click on Custom Installation type.
Sql server custom method
  • It will open the SQL Server Media download target location. You can either download in the default location or can change the location of your own choice. Click on Install.
sql server installation location
  • It will start downloading install package. 
Sql server installation progress
Sql server installation completed
  • All the set up files are getting extracted .After this , the set up will be downloaded.
Downloading sql server package

If you wish to check where the setup has been downloaded, you can check in the specified location.

click on sql server setup
  • After the downloading of setup, it will redirect to SQL Server Installation Center.

Click on New SQL Server stand-alone installation.

Sql server standalone installation
  • Accept the license terms and click on Next.
  • It will open the Global Rules setup window which keeps a check on the installation of SQL Server setup files. If all the rules are passed you can click on the Next button. If any rule will fail, click on “Failed” status. Select Re-run to run the rule again to make it passed.
  • Here in this, we get a rule as failed against Restart Computer. Click on failed status.
  • A popup window will open which shows the Rule Check Result. Click OK to Restart the computer.
  • Now after restarting the computer, open the specified location (as mentioned earlier) where the setup is downloaded.
  • Click on Setup, it will open the SQL Server Installation Center and follow the same steps as mentioned above.  Once all the rules will show Passed in Global Rules setup, click on Next.
  • It will open Product Updates window which will check for product updates and click on Next.
  • Install Setup Files window keeps a check on the update of SQL Server Setup. If any update is found then that will be installed. Otherwise, it will automatically redirect to the next screen.
  • Here, we have shown the Install setup files screen of task and their status.
  • It will directly open the “Install Rules” window where it keeps a check on other rules during the running of Setup. Click on Next if all the rules are passed. If any rule will fail, click on “Failed” status. Select Re-run to run the rule again to make it passed.
  • Here, in this, we get a Warning status against Windows Firewall. You can ignore this warning as it would not hamper the setup process. Click on Next.


Now, we need to install the features as shown in Feature selection window.  

  • You can change the location of the Instance root directory and Shared feature directory of your own choice. And the location of the Shared feature directory (x86) will remain the same.
  • Click on Next after specifying the location of directories.
  • It will redirect you to the Feature Rules window which keeps a check on the rules which are run to seek the installation process. Click on next if all the rules will show passed.
  • In the Instance Configuration window,  it will display the name and ID of the instance. You can either change or remain the default value. Click on Next.
Sql server instance configuration
  • It will open the Server configuration window. Leave it as default otherwise, we would be required to create a separate account for each SQL Server service. You can click on Next.
  • a) In the Database Engine Configuration window, it contains two Authentication modes. Here, you can use “Window authentication mode” to login in Database engine server type. You don’t need to set up a password in this mode.
sql server database configuration
  • b) You can use Another Authentication mode which is Mixed mode. Here, you can use the administrator account by mentioning the password. The account name used will be “sa”. Click on Next.
  •  It will open Reporting service configuration window. Select Install and configure and click on Next.
  • Accept the Consent to install R Open and click on Next.
  • It will redirect to Installation process window. Once the installation will complete. Click on Next.
  • It will show the installation process completed successfully then you can click on Close.
  • By following these steps, the SQL Server Express 2016 SP2 will be installed.

If you still have some doubts regarding the installation process, you can drop us an email at [email protected] If you want to know about data science then you can click here.

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