How lock down affected our Education System?

Education System:

In recent years , our education system has improved a lot. They have started smart classes in schools which helped a lot of students. They given more priority to online exams which improved students experience too. There was many drawbacks of the offline exam which is now diminished by this new concept of online examination. Our education system is not in the top 5 list yet but our education system is improving day by day.

How Lock down affected Education System?

Before this lock down , everything was working fine but this lock down created so much panic in our lives. Every field has to suffer due to this. In this article we will know how it effected our education system.

New Education System
  • Schools were closed in the march due to which exams were not completed.
  • Colleges also suffered a lot, their exams were scheduled to happen in may June which is still on hold. No date is announced for the exams yet. Students are in a difficult situation as they have no idea whether to prepare for previous semester exams or start preparing for the upcoming semester.
  • All competitive exams for govt jobs got canceled, this means no government job in this pandemic.
  • All entrance exams are canceled and yet no date has been announced.
  • We are not able to provide private education to each and every person due to limited sources.
  • No final date for reopening schools has been decided yet because still there is no vaccine for corona yet.
  • Remote learning is in the process but due to limited sources, it is not available for every student.
  • Students can even do online learning with the help of the internet but for this, they should be self-motivated..
  • Private Teachers lost their job and most public school teachers are working with getting half salary paid.

How our Education system during lock down affected students?

How this lock down affected students is a big concern.Youth is the future of our India and in this lock down they have become careless with their studies.

Online study by students according to new education system
  • Students are not able to manage their time , so they don’t give proper time for their studies.
  • In this lock down , students are asked to have their laptops , desktops or smartphones for online education.
  • Sometimes, students just start the call and doesn’t even pay attention to the teacher. They attend class just for the attendance.
  • Poor students can not afford to have smartphones , so they cannot attend the online classes.
  • No offline material is delivered to students. This even creates more problems for poor students.
  • No exams were conducted, so students are not able to analyze their progress in study.
  • Poor internet connectivity in some areas.
  • There are some issues with electricity in some villages too.

How our education system during lock down affected Parents?

Online education is a very good initiative by indian government but it has some drawbacks too. In this lockdown , parents also have to bear some issues. The main issues are highlighted below.

Parents role in new education system
  • They have to pay extra charges for the internet.
  • Internet connectivity is poor in some areas, so due to this proper education is not provided to their children’s.
  • Due to electricity issues , they may have to buy an inverter which also costs extra money.
  • They have to give proper time to their children’s and help them with their studies.
  • Parents have to give extra care to children’s (age 5-10) , because they are not familiar with online education.
  • If parents are not familiar with online education then children’s have to face a lot of problems.
  • Some parents can’t afford laptops or premium smartphones , so their children are not able to register for online education.
  • Colleges and universities are charging high fees and due to this lock down  some people have also lost their jobs , so it is very difficult for them to pay the fees.
  • Recently , schools asked for the fees and due to this , some parents have to go through a very difficult phase.

How did it affected teachers?

This is a very difficult phase for teachers too. So in this article , we will discuss how this lockdown affected teachers?

teachers role in new education system
  • Some private teachers lost their jobs and it has become very difficult for them to survive in this situation.
  • Some public school teachers are working on half salaries
  • Teachers face a lot of issues in keeping the students onboard.
  • They also need to avoid their distraction from social media and online games, so that they can give attention towards studies too.
  • Some teachers have no knowledge about online education , so it is very difficult for them to learn this. Teaching and learning is a big task for teachers these days.
  • Lack of laptops,desktops or smartphones is also a big challenge for teachers. Due to low salary in this lock down they are not even able to purchase new devices.
  • Internet connectivity is also a challenge for teachers.
  • Sometimes electricity also creates problems in providing quality education to teachers.
  • Teachers also need to prepare offline study material to digital format which also requires some knowledge about technologies.
  • If teachers want to take online tests then they cannot do that efficiently because students can cheat in the exam too.

Some positive points of this online education

  • No need to depend upon books anymore.
  • Remote learning provides a lot of benefits.
  • Students can also learn a lot of things from the internet.
  • Teachers are working very hard to match their level with the current teaching level.
  • They are doing a lot of hard work and asking students to prepare a timely assignment.
  • For some teachers , online education is a new concept but they are doing it very well.
  • Parents are also working on their skills set so that they can match with current education standards.

In July Govt. of India announced a new national education system and this is a very good step. If you want to read about this then please click on national education policy and mail us your questions at [email protected]