Facebook to merge Instagram and messenger chats

Facebook has started to implement cross-platform messaging between the two most popular platforms Instagram and Facebook messengers. With this new update, users can chat across these both popular platforms. This update currently is in the testing phase and will be rolled out for both IOS and Android users soon.


What changes we can except in this new update?

Although we are not clear yet but there can be some changes that you can see in the new update according to the sources.

  • Instagram may show an option “Chat with friends who use Facebook”.
  • An Instagram icon may also appear at the top of the messenger icon.
  • You might see a pop up on opening Instagram “There is a new way of messaging on Instagram”.
  • There will be a lot of emoji that can be added which will further enhance the chatting experience.
  • Facebook is also working on a new short video experience that is recently introduced on Instagram. Now TikTok is banned, so it can be a very useful feature for users.
  • This feature is still in the testing phase, so it will not be visible to all users.

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