Pubg and other 117 apps are banned in India

Pubg and other banned apps

The Indian government on Wednesday banned pubg and other 117 apps in India. You won’t be able to use these apps in India from 3rd September 2020. Here I am attaching the list of 20 apps that are banned by the Indian Government. This step has been taken due to the current situation of India – china’s issue. the Chinese troops are trying to acquire India’s land in Ladakh. The Indian government in recent months banned approx 250 plus Chinese apps in India.

Pubg game

Maximum people were appealing to ban PUBG in India. Now the step has been taken and with this game, other 118 apps are also banned,

List of Apps banned in India

Here is the list of 20 apps that are banned by the Indian government . In full report there are total 118 apps that are banned.

  • PUBG mobile Nordic Map: Livik
  • Baidu
  • CamCard Business
  • CamOcr
  • Dank Tanks
  • InNote
  • WeChat Reading
  • Pitu
  • LifeAfter
  • PUBG Mobile Lite
  • AppLock
  • Applock Lite
  • Cleaner – Phone booster
  • TanTan
  • Alipay
  • AlipayHk
  • Sina News
  • VPN for TikTok
  • iPick
  • Rules of Survival

The decision is welcomed by Indians and every Indian is happy with this decision. Even many parents are Praising government for this decision. They always complained that the students spend their mostly time in gaming. So they are very happy with this step.

It has been now four months and still, china’s troops are still trying to acquire India’s based Ladakh land. Despite many talks with them, they are still not going backward. Due to this, the Indian government has banned a lot of Chinese apps, and now the most popular gaming apps in banned. According to the report these apps were found stealing and surreptitiously transmitting user’s data in unauthorized manners to the servers whose location is outside India and this is against the provision of the information technology Rules 2009.

The decision will also ensure the safety and security of the Indian Cyberspace.Please share your views regarding this step taken by the Indian Government.

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