What are the links and how they can help SEO?

Link is the relation between two pages. It connects web pages to one another. When you click on that link then it takes you to another webpage. These links can be in the form of text, videos, images. if we talk about a website then there can be two type of links: Internal Links: Now … Read more

TOP 20 MCQs of Operating System for Competitive exams

In this post, we will discuss the top 20 most asked MCQs of operating system. If you are preparing for govt jobs then this topic is very important. You can also read our post on Top 20 MCQs of fundamentals of computers. 1.) FAT stands for? File Access Tape File Accommodation Table File Allocation Table … Read more

Automation Testing – What is Automation Testing?

Before starting Automation testing, Have studied what is software testing? If yes then you know what does testing means and why we need to perform this. There are two types of testing. Manual testing Automation Testing Today , we will discuss what is automation testing. Automation Testing Automation Testing is a type of testing in … Read more

What is System Testing? What are its types?

System testing is a type of testing in which we tests the whole system. All the modules of the application are integrated and then it is checked that the application works as expected or not. It is performed after integration testing and before acceptance testing. Now there may be one question in your mind. System … Read more

When school will reopen due to coronavirus pandemic?

When the Government reopens the schools, many of us ask that when school will reopen and when the study will be done. Due to online education, teachers and students have faced a lot of issues. Some teachers had no knowledge about online education, how to use this platform, and some teachers have no laptops or … Read more

What is Regression Testing and Retesting?

Regression Testing This type of testing is performed to check that a recent code change has not affected existing features of the software application. Regression testing makes sure that the application works fine after new functionalities or bug fixes. Test cases are re-executed to make sure the software application is working as expected after recent … Read more

What is sanity testing and smoke testing?

In this post, we will discuss sanity and smoke testing. We will also discuss differences between smoke and sanity testing. Most people think that these two testing types are the same, but they are completely different. Read this article carefully to understand this topic easily. Sanity Testing It is a subset of regression testing and … Read more

How to write the test cases for Chair in Software Testing

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How to write test cases for Calculator in Testing

It is the most common question which is asked from both freshers and experienced candidates. They are usually asked to write test cases for the Calculator. This post will give you some idea about how to write test cases for the Calculator. You can also read our post on how to write test cases for whatsapp. UI … Read more