Seo – Explain in detail and how to perform it?


It is the practice of increasing quantity and quality traffic for your website. With the help of it , we can grow the organic search traffic. It will also increase the visibility of the pages.

What is seo

The higher visibility means highers attention for your pages. So if you want to rank pages on your site higher then you need to have effective seo.

Why Seo is important?

Let us consider, there is a web page which shows the information regarding electronic equipment’s and from that page you can buy the required equipment.

You searched on the internet regarding some electronic equipment and according to internet sources, the top 5 search results gain approximately 70% clicks. You will perform on-page SEO and off-page SEO for improving the ranking of your site.

If your site is in the top 5 results then you have a great chance of getting clicked. What if your site is not in the top 5 pages? Do you want your site to be in top results? If your answer is yes then you need to have better search engine optimization.

If your web page ranks on the 1st page then it is good but if it doesn’t show on 1st page then you have very low chances of getting clicked. You can also read our post on free tools and guest blog. You can also read about the Best SEO Agency.

Firstly we will learn seo types and then we will move on to how to get seo friendly pages.

Types of Seo:

  1. Black Hat
  2. White Hat
  3. Gray Hat

Black Hat SEO

This is the technique used for fast growth. If you want to rank your website very quickly then most person uses this approach but this approach is for short time only.It includes:

  • Content automation
  • Hidden links
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Negative Seo
  • duplicate content
  • redirects to other pages
  • Links from non related contents

If you are planning long term business then the black hat is not for you. You should avoid this approach as this can get your website banned. So I will recommend you to not use this approach.

White Hat SEO

The white hat technique works according to the guidelines offered by many search engines. Here we improve the quality of the website and ranking of the website without compromising with the integrity of our site.

In this approach, we don’t use any technique that can get our website banned by google, yahoo, or bing, etc. This approach takes time, so we need to have patience while working with this technique.

  • Quality content
  • Descriptive tags
  • Easy language
  • Good use of meta tags
  • Easy to navigate
  • Fast loading site
  • Unique page titles
  • Relevant links
  • Mobile-friendly site etc

Gray Hat SEO

This technique is the combination of both white hat and black hat. We need to take proper care while working with this technique and you should need to have proper knowledge of both black hat and white hat first.

Remember one thing, if you don’t follow this technique with the utmost care, you can be banned for using this technique. Google or other search engines marks this technique as a black hat.

Now we will learn about how to use this SEO and rank our site higher.

Always add your targeted keyword into the Title

You should always add your targeted or focused keyword to the title of your article. You should use it in the beginning as it will define your article and will help users to know about your article.

search engine always shows the relevant results according to your search queries so if you use your focused keyword in the title tag then there are good chances of ranking in the higher position.

Seo cycle

Use your keyword in the beginning

After defining the focused keyword in the title tag you should also use that keyword in your subheadings and at the beginning of the article so that Google can understand your topic easily and this will also help you in ranking your site higher.

Meta Description

You should give proper time to writing this thing. After the title and URL, this is the most important thing that users will always see.

The user always gives attention to meta description and from this, he can understand what is this article all about. So better meta description, better results of the user visiting your website. So always write attractive meta descriptions and the length should be between 150-180 words.


URL is also the main factor of a website or page. You should use your focused keyword in the URL too. Keywords play an important role in SEO and if you use your focused keywords in the URL then google can think of ranking your site into relevant results. This is one of the important ranking factors.

Always use outbound links

Many persons did not use outbound links in their articles and this one is the biggest mistake they do. Always use outbound links but remember the links should always be related to the content.

For example, Your article is about weight loss and you have used outbound links from how to learn to code then it is of no use. So beware of this point.

Write longer content

Always Write long content or passages. Your content should be between 1000-2000 words. In longer content, you can easily explain your topic fully and can use your focused keyword many times.

Google mostly ranks the articles who are long enough. Don’t write messy paragraphs. Write shorter paragraphs and use simple language. You can also use long-tail keywords in your article.

Internal Links

You should always take the benefit of this internal linking. This will help you in decreasing the bounce rate. The ideal bounce rate should be less than 30. You can use multiple internal links from our posts but don’t overuse this feature.

You should use only 2-3 internal links. This technique of link building is very effective. Always use internal links to the relevant topics.

Proper Image optimization should be there

You should use proper and relevant images in your article. Always define the alt text on your images and this should be matched with the focused keyword of your article.

For example, You have an article on iPhone and you have used alt text as an “iPhone image”, Now if a person uses an image search option and enters iPhone images then your images can be shown there.

It will helps google to easily identify your images and can boost the ranking of your site.

Site should be Fast

This is a very important factor. Your site should be lighting fast and it should take less time to load. If your site takes a lot of time in loading then most users will leave.

So it is very important to have a high loading speed. If you are using word press then there are a lot of plugins that can help you in improving site speed. You should always use a light theme that can have a better user experience.

Your site should be mobile friendly

Approx 70% of people are working from there mobile phones, so you should always have a mobile-friendly website. Font size should be normal or easy to read. Users should not need to zoom in to read the article. Always use the theme which is super mobile-friendly. Astra and occeanWp are the most used word press themes which are super mobile-friendly.


Seo tips

This can rank your site higher easily but you should always use high-quality backlinks. Sometimes we use a lot of backlinks but still, we are not getting any traffic. Why so?

This happens because we are using backlinks of low quality or bad quality. So, We should always use backlinks of good quality as this will help us to rank our website higher easily and it will also help in increasing the organic traffic.

Add LSI keywords

It is advanced on-page SEO and it is working great as of now. LSI keywords are the words that are related to the topic of your article. They confirm to google about the topic of your content.

Decrease your bounce rate

The bounce rate plays an important role in the ranking of your site. A higher bounce rate means lower chances of getting ranked. Now, what is a good bounce rate and average bounce rate? If your bounce rate is between 20-30 then it is known as a good bounce rate and if it is in between 40-70 then it is average but if it crosses 70 plus then you need to work on it.

Write trendy topics and try to gain the attention of users back into your site. Get an idea of what people search these days. Use better images as this can also help you in getting a lower bounce rate. Use more internal links, write better headings, and use shorter paragraphs.

Other important points

  • Use social media for sharing your site.
  • Do proper keyword research.
  • Understand how a search engine works
  • Write guest posts or use guest posts on your site.
  • Always write high-quality content and do proper research on the topic before you start writing
  • Page speed should be fast.
  • Always use keywords with a Low Keyword difficulty score.

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These are some steps by which you can improve the ranking of your website. If you write quality content and then follow these techniques, your chances of getting ranked higher are more. If you have any suggestions or need any help regarding this topic then do let me know in the comments. I will get back to you.