what are test process and test levels?

Test Process

Basic test process consists of 3 types.
 • Plan:- Analysis, strategy, Plan, Tools
 • Design:- Test cases, Scripts, Scenarios, Environment
 • Execution:- Test Report, Defect Tracking, Defect Analysis

There is no universal software test process but there are some common sets of activities which are required to perform and without these testing will be difficult to achieve its established objectives.

What is test process?

Test Process consists of 7 activities:-
 • Test Planning
 • Test monitoring and control
 • Test Analysis
 • Test Design
 • Test Implementation
 • Test Execution
 • Test Completion

Test Levels

Test Levels are the group of activities which are organized and managed together and these levels are related to other activities within the software development lifecycle.

 • Acceptance Testing
 • System Testing
 • Integration Testing
 • Unit Testing

 • In Unit Testing, we focus on components that are separately testable. This type of testing is performed by developers.
 • Integration Testing focuses on the interaction between components or systems. This type of testing is of two types: Component Integration which is performed by developer and System Integration performed by Tester.
 • In-System Testing, we focus on testing the whole system often considering the end to end tasks. This type of testing is performed by testers. In this type of testing, all focus is on end to end behaviour of the system as a whole.
 • Acceptance Testing is also known as user acceptance testing which focuses on the behaviour and capabilities of a whole system. In this type of testing, our focus is not to find out the errors but our focus is to make sure that software works correctly.

Apart from these, there are other two main types of testing:-
 • Alpha Testing:– In this type of testing, the customer will visit our company and test the application on our system.
 • Beta Testing:– In this type of testing, Customers will test the application on their system. They will use the software on their system and you can say that the software is under test. Their main objective is to find as many defects as possible.

In the next post, we will read how to write test cases easily and what are the different fields that we need to understand.