Best Colleges For Online Degree In The USA – 2021

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Types Of Mortgage Loans For Buyers And Refinancers

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CBSE 12th Class datasheet 2021 Released

On 2nd Feb 2021, CBSE 12th Class datasheet has been released and the exams are going to start from March 2021. The exams will end in June and the result can be expected to be out on 15th July 2021. This year has been so difficult for students, So CBSE has given then enough gap … Read more

What is SQL and explain different joins?

SQL SQL stands for Structured Query Language. It is used to manipulate and store data in a relational database. Initially, SQL was SEQUEL ( Structured English Query Language ). This was designed by Donald D. ChamberlinRaymond F. Boyce. SQL Consists of many sublanguages which are categorized as: DQL – Data Query Language DDL – Data … Read more

what are test process and test levels?

Test Process Basic test process consists of 3 types. • Plan:- Analysis, strategy, Plan, Tools • Design:- Test cases, Scripts, Scenarios, Environment • Execution:- Test Report, Defect Tracking, Defect Analysis There is no universal software test process but there are some common sets of activities which are required to perform and without these testing will be difficult to achieve its established … Read more

Top 30 Manual Testing Interview Questions for Wipro

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How to write test cases for Registration Page?

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Major Changes in New National Education Policy 2020?

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